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Mã SP: DAT3378
Hãng sản xuất: Panasonic

Thông tin chi tiết

Đế âm thanh địa chỉ 3378

The 4370 unit is intended to be surface mounted and a plastic protection cover (with 10 cable inlets) is attached. When required, the unit can be mounted in a waterproof box (3362).

The addressable short circuit isolator will divide the COM loop into segments. A segment is the part of a loop between two 4370 units or between one 4370 unit and the

c.i.e. In case of a short circuit on a COM loop, only the affected segment will be disabled, i.e. the number of disabled loop units is minimised. All other loop units will continue to work normally (they are not disabled). Up to eight 4370 units (no. 0-7) can be connected on each COM loop.

A short circuit or a single break (cut-off) on a loop will generate a fault and a fault message,  which  gives  specific information,

i.e. short circuit or a break, COM loop number and between which isolators it is situated.

COM loop address

The COM loop address is set with an Address setting tool 3314. The unit has an address label where the address is to be written.  3314 is also used to set the mode:

NORMAL mode: Short circuit isolator 4370 in system EBL128 only.
2330 mode: Short circuit isolator 4370 (2370 in Win512) in system EBL512 only.
2312 mode:  Not used for 4370.
The COM loop is connected to the 4370 unit via four screw terminals. It has an input to manually open the isolator (“isolated state”) and an input to manually close the isolator (“normal state”). An LED will indicate the normal and isolated state respectively.

Technical data

Voltage (V DC) rated






Current consumption from COM loop at norm. volt. (mA)


active (low / high)


Ambient temperature (°C) operating


-10 to +50

-20 to +70

Ambient humidity (% RH)

Max. 95, non condensing

Ingress Protection rating (estimated)

IP 42

Sound output (dB (A) @ 1 m)

95 ±2  (high output)

86 ±2  (low output)

Frequency stability (%)


Weight (g) sounder + base

160 + 55 = 215

Construction / Colour sounder + base

ABS plastic / Gray (N8, Munsell colour code)




Cách chơi game đánh bài online-cách hack game bài online

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Cách chơi game đánh bài online-cách hack game bài online